Life Transformation Coach

Merrill has had a varied working life with roles as a professional ballet dancer, flight attendant, (travelling the world and living a life of glamour and adventure), working in various corporate fields within travel management, life insurance, car rental, corporate & workwear environments, working in a large public sector entity one again in the travel management space, then ventured into my own business in April 2019.

She has a psychology degree in Counselling Psychology and all of her working life has been inspired by wanting to know more about the people she worked with, people who seemed to relish at having someone truly interested in them as a person, beyond their work persona. Her underlying passion is to understand what makes people who they are – what drives them, what creates and forms the basis of their personality, their understanding of life, the impact of their environment on them, how and why they think what they think, and more…along her journey she found many people willing to share their most intimate aspects of their lives with her.

These conversations with them led her to realise how unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives most of them are, (in fact almost all of them are). She battled to understand this as some were people she deemed to be the ‘have it all’ population where they didn’t seem to want for anything, yet there was something lacking in their lives – that something she discovered is…true happiness. She also realised how many people were or are, desperate to have someone care about them. This is natural, but tragic how few ever are fortunate enough to have someone in their lives who truly cares about them.

Why is it so important for people to feel validated by others – so in need of feeling accepted or ‘approved’ by others? The reason is that we do not value ourselves. If we valued who we are, we do not need verification from others. That was an eye-opening, gut-wrenching, ‘Aha!’ realisation! This is where coaching comes in – learning to be happy with yourself, learning to work on your inner being, where, if you don’t like something about yourself, you work on it until it reaches where you want to be. Note, where YOU want to be! Not where someone else wants you to be.

This is your life. The choices you make are yours. The consequences of the choices you make are yours. You are accountable for your life. No, it is no-one else’s responsibility to live your life, or their choice on how you should live your life….it is yours and yours alone. Take control now. Take control of your emotions, your choices, and your actions. Spending moments, days, months, years blaming others for how your life turned out? Stop wasting time
and live YOUR life from this moment forward!

She provides all types of coaching, and specialise in the following areas:
➢ Bullying
➢ Abusive relationships
➢ Body image
➢ Eating disorders
➢ Additions
➢ Burnout
➢ Stress management
➢ Anger management
➢ Self-esteem / shyness / lack of confidence / self-worth issues


Merrill Isherwood
Email: / Tel: +27(0)79 520 4489

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