Walk for Hope

Drug and alcohol abuse in South Africa has destroyed the future and lives of many people in South Africa, with ages ranging from as low as 10 years to over 50 years. Sadly, this has resulted in many youth being unable to concentrate on their education. South Africa is witnessing the scourge of addiction of drugs and alcohol as the youth grows dependent on mind-altering substances. “Drug dependency is a massive problem that creates serious health, social, legal, and economic problems for the country. “South Africa is battling not only the scourge of certain uniquely South African illicit ‘street drugs’, such as nyaope, but also the increasing abuse of legal medications, such as ARVs, painkillers and cough syrup, leading to what has been called ‘silent addictions’.”

Chad Barry, once an FBG member (a gang in Johannesburg) is taking on a huge mission to raise funds in assisting drug-abuses seeking help, in paying for their rehab. Actonville FM, a Johannesburg internet streaming radio station is assisting Chad on this mission by raising funds through donations and sponsorships.

Follow Chad’s mission by clicking on www.walkforhope.co.za

His mission starts on Tuesday, 1st June 2021. This will indeed be an insightful and breathtaking journey, as Chad takes the long road to Durban on foot.

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